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The bidder shall carefully examine all of the Bid Documents, and shall be deemed to have fully informed himself as to all conditions, local and otherwise affecting the performance of the Contract Work, and to have formulated his requirements considering the facilities available and those that he will have to supply. Failure to do so will be at the bidder's risk.

It shall be the sole responsibility of bidder to determine and to satisfy himself by such means as he considers necessary or desirable as to all matters pertaining to this Contract, including the location and nature of the work, climatic conditions, the nature and condition of the terrain, geologic conditions at the Site, transportation and communication facilities, the requirements and availability of labor, water, electric power and roads, the location and extent of aggregate source, earth and other natural materials for use in the Contract Work, and all other factors that may affect the cost, duration and execution of the Contract Work. The bidder, by the act of submitting a bid, acknowledges that he has inspected the Site and determined the general characteristics and scope of the Contract Work and the conditions stated above.

NIA will not assume any responsibility regarding interpretations obtained by the bidder, from the information furnished by NIA. No verbal agreement or conversation with any officer, employee, or agent of NIA, shall affect or modify any of the terms or obligations contained in these Bid Documents.