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All bids consisting of the properly accomplished prescribed Bid Forms, Bid Security, and all documents required to be submitted together with the bid shall be prepared in the English language in accordance with these Bid Documents and shall be submitted in an original and two copies.

NIA Bid Forms shall be returned in their entirety with all blanks properly filled in and manually signed in ink. NIA will not consider bids submitted on forms other than the NIA prescribed forms.

One copy of the bid shall be marked "Original" and each of the other copies shall be marked "Copy". In cases of discrepancies between the "Original" and the "Copy", the "Original" shall govern.

If erasures or other changes appear, each such erasure or change shall be fully signed by the same person who signed the bid. Modifications of bid will be considered only if requested by a letter signed by the same person who signed the bid and only if received before the time of bid opening specified in the Invitation for Bids.

Bidders shall enter a unit price or lump sum amount for each and all items of the Bill of Quantities in each or any schedule he is prequalified to bid, as NIA will not award a Contract for only a part thereof. For each bid item, all bid prices shall be typewritten in words and figures. In case of discrepancy between the unit price and its extension price, the unit price shall govern and in case of discrepancy between the words and figures, amounts written in words shall prevail.

Bids shall be signed by one duly authorized to do so. Bids submitted by corporation shall bear the seal of the corporation and be attested by its Secretary. Bids submitted by joint venture of two or more prequalified firms shall be accompanied by the document of formation of the joint venture duly registered and authenticated before an official deputized to witness sworn statements.

The bidder shall furnish, with the original and the copies of the bid, all information required under these Bid Documents. No information received from the bidder after the opening of bids will be considered, unless requested in writing by NIA.