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If the Contractor is directed to perform additional work on a cost-plus percentage basis, as provided for herein, the allowance for use of the Contractor's Construction Equipment as called for in this Contract shall be on the basis of a fixed allowance per hour which shall be determined as follows:

  1. Allowance Per Hour - The allowance per hour shall be of the hourly used rate applied to the actual number of operating hours, or fractions thereof, that the equipment is used in the performance of additional work regardless of the number of hour used per day.
  2. Hourly Used Rate - The hourly used rate shall be considered all inclusive and shall be computed based on the actual number of hours used at the current NIA Equipment Rental Rates approved by proper authorities.
  3. No allowance will be made for use of any equipment that is not in good repair and operating condition as determined by the NIA. Short periods of idle time normal to regular servicing(aggregate not exceeding 5% of the total operating time) will not be deducted from the operating hours.