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The NIA reserves the right to make changes in the work as required for its proper completion, including but not limited to design modifications which may increase or decrease the quantities stated in the Contract Bill of Quantities. The NIA may also order the elimination of a portion of the work, even though required for proper completion, if due to the NIA right-of-way acquisition difficulties, the Contractor would be unduly delayed in performing that portion of the work.

All quantities stated in the Contract Bill of Quantities are approximate only and actual measured quantities of such work may vary from such estimated quantities. Such variation are not changes within the scope and meaning of the Contract, and shall be adjusted for payment purposes in the monthly and final estimate of work.

The NIA may grant the Contractor extension of time for the completion of the work or additional work for delays due to changes in the work and other specified causes all to the extent provided by Articles GC-11, GC-15 and GC-16.

All orders for changes will be given in writing. An order which provide for an adjustment of an extension ot time will be given only by change order.