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The Bid Drawings in print copies show the Contract Work to be done under this Contract as definitely and in as much detail as is possible at the present stage of the development of design. The parts of the Works controlled or affected by the purchase of the equipment, whether dimensioned or not, have been shown as nearly to final dimension as possible prior to the purchase of equipment and prior to the development of final designs. Such drawings shall not be used for construction purposes, except that they may be used for specifying and submitting for approval of the materials and equipment called for in the Contract Documents.

Contractor shall notify NIA in writing as to the delivery dates on which certain NIA furnished Drawings will be reasonably required for the execution of the Works or otherwise under this Contract and shall revise and submit the notification with each submittal of his Construction Program. Failure to submit such notices will be at the Contractor's risk. The notices shall be in the form to show that part or parts of the Works which the Contractor has scheduled for completion within six months period during the execution of the Contract Work.

The NIA will thereupon furnish to the Contractor such detailed construction drawings and other information as the NIA may consider and dimensions for all features of the Works, and the Contractor shall execute the Works in accordance thereof at the applicable bid prices in the Bill of Quantities. All Construction Drawings shall be stamped "Good for Construction" and work performed without such stamped Construction Drawings; or the latest revision thereof as issued by the NIA, will be at the Contractor's risk.

Upon receipt of such Construction Drawings for apart of the Works the Contractor shall give adequate notice in writing to the NIA of any further drawing or instruction that may be required for execution of the part of the work covered by those Drawings.

Three copies of the Contract Drawings will be furnished to the Contractor without charge. These drawings are to be used only in connection with the work specified herein.