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All materials and equipment to be incorporated in the Works and the fabrication of same shall conform to the latest applicable Standards and Specifications listed below.

Reference to Standards and Specifications or to materials and equipment of a particular manufacturer shall be considered as followed by the word "or equivalent". The Contractor may propose equivalent Standards and Specifications, materials and equipment which shall conform in every respect to that specified subject to the approval by the Engineer.

If the Contractor proposes equivalent Standards and Specifications or equivalent materials and equipment, the Contractor shall state the exact nature of change and shall submit complete Standards and Specifications and other information and data about the materials or equipment for the approval by the NIA.

Such submittals shall be timely and failure to do so or purchase of any proposed equivalent materials or equipment prior to approval by the NIA shall be at the Contractor's risk.

The following is a list of Standards and Specifications with their abbreviations used in these Bid Documents. Where a reference is made to a Standard for the furnishing of materials in accordance with a United States Standard, such as the American Society for Testing Materials, the reference will appear with the abbreviation ASTM followed by the appropriate letter and/or designation such as : ASTM C-76.

ANSI - American National Standard Institute (formerly American Standard Association)
ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials
AISC - American Institute for Steel Construction
AWS - American Welding Society
USBR - United States Bureau of Reclamation
PBS - Philippine Bureau of Standards