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The equipment and materials to be furnished by NIA and the place from which they will be available are indicated on Item No. 4, Appendix I, Volume II of these Bid Documents.

The Contractor however, shall submit to NIA a written notice 60 calendar days in advance of the time when such equipment or materials would be required for incorporation in the work. The Contractor will be liable for any delay resulting from failure to submit such written notice within the specified period.

The Contractor shall secure the NIA furnished equipment and materials, if any, from the NIA stockyard at the location designated in Volume II of the Bid Documents. The cost involved for loading, hauling from NIA stockyard to the jobsite and unloading shall be at the expense of the Contractor. The Contractor shall be responsible for all equipment and materials issued to him from the time of acceptance. Any equipment or materials issued to him (Contractor) but not incorporated into the Works should be returned to NIA, otherwise Contractor shall be liable to replace such equipment or material. Contractor shall replace at his expense any NIA furnished equipment and materials lost or damaged beyond repair after delivery. Any equipment damaged by the Contractor after issuance to him which in the opinion of the NIA, can be repaired satisfactorily, shall be repaired by the Contractor at his expense.

Requisition by the Contractor for materials and equipment which are to be furnished by the NIA shall be submitted to the Engineer at least 30 calendar days prior to the date of their use or installation as per schedule of the Contractor.

All cost to be incurred by the Contractor to meet the requirement of this Article shall be included in the bid prices for the various items in the Bill of Quantities.