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a) General - The Contractor shall furnish all materials and equipment necessary for incorporation in the Works as indicated in the Bill of Quantities. All such materials and equipment shall be new and of good quality, shall meet all the requirements of the specifications and shall be subject to the approval by the NIA before using or incorporating them into the Contract Work.

b) Approval - Before proceeding with any purchase, production or manufacture, the Contractor shall submit necessary information for approval by the NIA on all the materials and equipment which he proposes to furnish. Such submittals shall be timely and failure to do so, or purchase of any such materials and equipment prior to approval, will be at the Contractor's risk. The information shall consist of, wherever applicable, drawings, materials and equipment specifications, installation procedures and other pertinent information about the said materials and the equipment.

c) Inspection - All such materials and equipment shall be subjected to inspection by the authorized representatives of NIA and the Corporate Auditor. NIA may at its sole discretion, inspect materials and equipment during its manufacture and prior to its delivery; inspect its packing when ready for delivery and witness any and all tests. Inspection may be done at any one or more of the following locations: (1) in the place of production or manufacture, (2) at shipping point, or (3) at the Site, as determined by the NIA. To allow sufficient time for inspection, the Contractor shall submit to NIA at the time of issuance, copies in triplicate of purchase orders and other pertinent information covering the materials on which inspection will be made as advised by the NIA, or shall submit other evidence in the event such purchase orders are issued verbally or by letter.

d) Drawings to be furnished by the Contractor - The drawings listed in the specifications shall be supplemented by the Contractor with such working drawings as may be required for the prosecution of the work. Working drawings includes shop detailed drawings, fabrication drawings, reinforcing bar placing drawings, falsework and formwork drawings, pipe layout and similar classes of drawings, which shall be approved by the NIA before any work involving these drawings is performed. No change shall be made by the Contractor in any working drawing after it has been approved by NIA. Drawings shall contain all required detailed information to reasonable scale with enough views to clearly show the work to be done or the item to be furnished.

Working drawings will be subject to approval by NIA in so far as the details affect the character of the finished work, but details of design will be left to the Contractor who shall be responsible for the successful construction of the work.

It is expressly understood, however, that approval of the Contractor's working drawings shall not relieve the Contractor of any responsibility for accuracy of dimensions and details. It is mutually agreed that the Contractor shall be responsible for conformity of his working drawings with the Contract Drawings and Specifications.

The sequence of submission of working drawings shall be such that all information are available to NIA for review of each drawing as it is received. One transparent print and two prints of each drawings shall be submitted. One print of each drawing will be returned to the contractor marked "Approved"; "Approved Except as Noted ", or "Returned for Correction and Resubmittal", within 20 calendar days after receipt. Responsibility will be upon the Contractor to furnish drawings in sufficient time for approval actions, including resubmittal, without delaying construction.

The cost for furnishing all working drawings shall be included in the unit bid price in the Bill of Quantities to which the drawings are appurtenant.