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The Contractor shall within seven calendar days after the end of each month or reporting period, furnish the Engineer without cost to the NIA in a form and number of copies to be determined by the Engineer, the following:

  1. Physical Progress Reports for the month or period and estimated progress for the succeeding month or period.
  2. Completion schedule (target, actual) based on approved Construction Program as provided for in Article GC-44.
  3. A Tabulation of Employees showing the supervisory staff and the number of the several classes of labor employed by the Contractor during the month or period.
  4. A listing of the equipment utilized for the performance of the Contract Work during the month or period.
In addition to the above data, the Contractor shall also submit a cash flow for the contract Work by quarters. if the Contractor rents any equipment or machinery to be used for the Contract Works, the Contractor shall also submit a copy of the duly executed Contract of Lease within one month after said Contract of Lease has been executed.

No progress or periodic payment shall be made unless above data are submitted.