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Within 30 calendar days after date of receipt of the Notice to Proceed, the Contractor shall submit to the Administrator for approval a complete Construction Program providing for the orderly performance of the Contract Work showing in detail the proposed program of operation of each item of work including the purchase and delivery of materials and equipment. The Construction Program shall be prepared using the Critical Path Method (CPM) or Project Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) and shall be supported by Bar or Gantt Chart.

Such approved Construction Program shall be updated and/or firmed-up by the Contractor within four months after its approval. This revised and/or firmed-up Construction Program shall show construction operations for each item of work from starting date to anticipated completion date indicating the period during which Contract Work was previously underway as well as future periods of construction operations and same shall be submitted to the Administrator for approval. Once this firmed-up Construction schedule is approved, any further revision proposed by the Contractor will no longer be entertained, unless required by NIA or extension of time has been granted to the Contractor which merits the revision of the Construction Program. All items of work shall be done in accordance with the firmed-up Construction Program and any item of work not done or completed as scheduled (unless due to the fault of NIA) will not be subject for price escalation provided under Article GC-64, PRICE ESCALATIONS/ ADJUSTMENTS.

The NIA reserves the right to withhold approval of progress payments in case the Contractor fails to submit the said firmed-up Construction Program within the time specified until such time said program is submitted.