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The NIA reserves the right to perform any work outside of this Contract that is relative to the proper functioning of the entire project for which this Contract is a part, either with its own force or by other Contractor's forces. Whenever such work is contiguous to the Work, the respective rights of the various interest shall be established by the Administrator to secure completion of the various portions of the project in general harmony.

The Contractor shall afford the NIA and such other Contractors reasonable opportunity for the introduction and storage of their materials and the execution of their work, and shall properly coordinate his Contract Work with theirs. The Contractor shall, without charge, permit the NIA and such other Contractor to use roads, bridges. lighting installations and other facilities constructed by the Contractor for the work as are available without entailing any material increase in cost to the Contractor for maintenance or operation of such facilities provided that such usage shall in no way interfere with the Contract Works.