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Upon completion of the Contract Work, and prior to final acceptance by NIA, Contractor shall clear and remove from the Site all Construction Plant, surplus materials, rubbish and Temporary Works of every kind, fill and dress all holes, cuts and excavations made for his convenience, borrow areas and quarries and leave the Site and Works clean and in workmanlike condition to the satisfaction of NIA. The certificate of final acceptance will not be issued to Contractor unless clean-up operations have been undertaken by him (Contractor). Should Contractor refuses or fails to perform the clean-up operations within a period of 30 calendar days after the completion of the Contract Work, clean-up operations may be undertaken by NIA at the expense of Contractor and the cost involved shall be deducted from any money due the Contractor.

The cost of removal of Contractor's Construction Plant and other Construction Facilities and Clean-up operations shall be included in the bid price for the Temporary Works, Construction Plant, Mobilization and Demobilization of Construction Equipment in the Bill of Quantities or in the absence of this item, included in the unit costs of the relevant items.