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Contractor shall pay punctually the workmen employed on the Contract Work and Sub-Contractors furnishing materials and services thereof and deliver the Works free from all claims of any description and, if required, he shall furnish NIA with a statement to administer oaths that all who have done Works or furnished materials or services under this Contract, and have filed any account of such claims with NIA, have been fully paid; and in case evidence is not furnished as aforesaid, such amount as NIA may consider necessary to meet the lawful claims of the workmen and Sub-Contractors aforesaid shall be deducted from the money due to Contractor, and shall not be allowed to claim payments until the liabilities aforesaid shall have been fully discharged and the evidence thereof furnished to NIA, or until their lack of equity has been established. If such written evidence is not furnished before the final payment under this Contract falls due, NIA may pay such lawful claims in whole or in part to the workmen and Sub-Contractors claiming the same and charge the amount thus paid to Contractor, who shall accept the same as payment from the amount due to Contractor.