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If Contract shall be terminated as provided for in Article GC-23, CONTRACTOR'S RIGHT TO TERMINATE CONTRACTWORK, Contractor shall be paid by NIA for:

a) All Works executed and accomplished prior to the date of termination at the Contract prices or latest approved adjusted Contract prices provided in the Contract.

b) The amount paid, as verified by NIA, for materials ordered for the Works which have been delivered to Contractor or which the Contractor is legally liable to accept delivery, such materials becoming the property of NIA.

c) The amount actually incurred by Contractor in the expectation of completing the whole Works insofar as such expenditure have not been covered by the payments in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) above.

d) The actual and reasonable cost of removal of construction plant from the Site (exclusive of supplies, spare parts and tools) to the Contractor's place of registration.

Provided, that against any payments due from NIA under this Article, NIA shall be entitled to be credited with any outstanding balance due from Contract Work.