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NIA shall be entitled at all reasonable times to inspect, and to examine and test the Contract Work while in progress and the materials and equipment being supplied by Contractor under this Contract to ascertain that the completed Works will comply in all respects with the Standards and requirements set forth in these Contract Documents. Notwithstanding such inspection, examination and testing, Contractor shall be held responsible for the acceptability of the finished Works.

Consultant will assist NIA in the inspection of all Contract Work.

Waiving of inspection, examination and testing the Works by NIA shall not relieve Contractor from his responsibility of performing the Works in accordance with the requirements of this Contract.

Contractor shall at all times be responsible for proving that the Works conform to the requirements of this Contract by records of all tests carried out on the Works.

Contractor shall not cover up or put out of view, any work without the approval of NIA and Contractor shall afford full opportunity for NIA to examine, inspect and test any work which is to be covered or put out of view. Contractor shall give NIA timely notice of readiness of the Works for inspection, and NIA will perform said inspection in such a manner as not to delay the Contract Work unnecessarily.

If any work should be covered up without prior examination, inspection and testing or without the approval of NIA, the Works shall, if required by NIA, be uncovered for examination, inspection and testing and then properly restored at Contractor's expense, unless NIA has unreasonably delayed examination after notice of readiness for examination has been given.

Re-examination of any work may be ordered by NIA and, if so ordered, the Works must be uncovered by Contractor. If such work is found to be in accordance with Contract, NIA shall pay for uncovering, re-examination and replacement on a cost-plus-percentage basis in accordance with the applicable provision of Article GC-16, ADDITIONAL WORK. If such Works are not in accordance with the Contract, Contractor shall pay the cost of uncovering, re-examination and replacement and shall not be entitled to any extension of time on this account.