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No extension of time, whatsoever, shall be granted to the Contractor due to the following reasons:

Extension of time shall be granted for rainy/unworkable days considered unfavorable for the prosecution of the work at the site, based on the actual conditions obtained at the site, for such period in excess of the number of rainy/unworkable days pre-determined by NIA and/or for the equivalent period of delay brought about by the following reasons: Shortage of construction materials, general labor strikes, and peace and order problems that disrupt construction operations through no fault of the Contractor may be considered as additional grounds for extension of contract time provided they are publicly felt and certified by appropriate government agencies such as DTI, DOLE, DILG, and DNA, among others.

Provided further that the written consent of the Sureties must be attached to any request of the Contractor for time extension and has been submitted to the Administrator for consideration and that the validity of the Performance Bond shall be correspondingly extended.

All requests for time extension shall be accompanied by a proposed Revised Construction Program for approval by the Administrator.

Time extensions granted to Contractor shall not necessarily be a valid ground for Extra Cost whatsoever.