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Wherever the following terms are used in the Contract Documents, they shall have the following meaning:

AAE                           Approved Agency Estimate
AGE Allowable Government Estimate
Additional Works Such work issued under Extra Work Order or Change Order or under a Supplemental Agreement. 
Administrator The managing head of NIA 
Award Written acceptance to the bidder offering the lowest complying bid (most     advantageous to the NIA). 
Approved or Approval  
Approved in writing by duly authorized persons or approval given in writing by duly authorized persons.
Bank   International lending institution like the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the  International Bank for Re-construction and Development (IBRD) or the World Bank, the Overseas Economic Cooperative Fund (OECF) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), as the case may be. 
BID  The written offer of a bidder submitted in accordance with the prescribed form in response to an advertisement required to furnish labor, equipment and materials  to perform the specified work within the time prescribed therein, in consideration of payment at price quoted in the bid as submitted. 
Bidder An individual, partnership, corporation, association, firm or joint venture submitting a bid to the NIA to undertake the performance of a Contract Work. 
Bid Documents  Collectively all the documents and plans or drawings furnished by NIA to the 
bidder for the purpose of preparing his bid. 
Bid Security The bond posted by a bidder to guarantee his entering into Contract with NIA. 
Board  The Board of Directors of NIA 
Calendar Days A period of 24 hours extending from midnight to midnight which includes all days of the calendar. 
Change Order An order issued to the Contractor to undertake additional work resulting either in the increase in the original quantities of any or all items of work or in the re-classification of an existing item to another item as those provided for in the  original Contract or decrease in the quantity of work due to underruns or deletion of portions or sections of the Contract Work. 
Construction Plant All equipment, facilities, materials, supplies and other incidentals required for execution and completion of the Works but exclusive of materials or other things intended to form or forming part of the Permanent Works. 
Consultant An individual, partnership, corporation association or joint venture which have been engaged to assist NIA in engineering services and in the supervision of the Contract Work. 
Contract The legally executed agreement between Contractor and NIA for the performance of the Contract Work covered by the Contract Documents. 
Contractor The bidder who is awarded the Contract 
Contract Documents  Collectively the Contract, and the documents incorporated and made part of the Contract. 
Contract Price  The sum named in the Bid subject to such addition thereto or deduction therefrom as may be made under the provision contained or stipulated in the 
Contract Time  The period or time stipulated in the Contract within which the Contractor shall complete the Contract Work including time extension duly granted by the NIA either due to Force Majeure, Extra Work or Change Order or Supplemental Agreement. 
Contract Time Extension  The period of time allowed by the NIA Extension in addition to the stipulated Contract time necessitated by a duly issued Extra Work or Change Order or Supplemental Agreement or other valid causes approved by NIA. 
Contract Time The stopping of the running of the Suspension Contract Time upon request by the Contractor or at the instance of the NIA due to valid cause or causes. 
Contract Work  The furnishing of all labor, materials supplies, equipment, facilities and other incidentals necessary or convenient to the successful completion of the Works and the carrying out of all the duties and obligations imposed by the Contract. 
Corporate Auditor  The head of NIA Corporate Auditor's All Contract and construction drawings referred to in the Contract Documents and any modification of such drawings approved in writing by NIA and any other drawings as may from time to time be furnished or approved in writing by NIA. 
Extra Work Order An order issued to the Contractor to perform additional work needed and necessary for the completion and/or improvement or protection of the project when such additional work was not included as an item of work in the original Contract. 
Engineer The Regional Irrigation Director, Project Manager, Project Engineer, as the case may be depending on the extent of delegated authority, or any other top level engineer duly authorized by the Administrator to represent him in the execution of the Contract. 
GSIS The Government Service Insurance System 
Month  A Gregorian Calendar month 
NIA The National Irrigation Administration an instrumentality of the Republic of the Philippines created under Republic Act No. 3601 as amended by P.D. 552.
Notice to Proceed A written notice to the Contractor of the date on which he is to begin the prosecution of the work he has contracted. 
Performance Security The bond posted by the Contractor to guarantee full and faithful performance of the Contract Work, and payment of wages and materials used in the project and other claims arising out of the Contract. 
Permanent Works The permanent structures to be constructed and completed in accordance with the Contract. 
Philippines The Republic of the Philippines 
Responsive Bid Bid shall only be considered responsive if the total bid price shall be within 60% -120% of the AAE. 
Site  The land which the Works are to be executed or carried out and any other lands or places provided by NIA for the purposes of execution of the Contract. 
Slippage                     The difference between scheduled and actual accomplishment per approved 
                                    PERT/CPM usually indicated in percentage, negative or positive. 
Specifications The description in detail of the work to be executed, the character and quality of materials and workmanship and special responsibilities of the Contractor that are not covered by the conditions of the Contract. It includes supplemental specifications, special provisions and bulletins referred to in the Contract Documents together with all the written agreements made. 
Supplemental Agreement An agreement to supplement the original Contract involving additional work 
                                    beyond the limits of the project as awarded. 
Sureties Bank or banks and/or bonding company or companies like the GSIS which are jointly and severally bound with Contractor to NIA, insuring Contractor's faithful performance of the Contract Work and the payment of all his obligations arising thereunder. 
Temporary Works All temporary structures and facilities required for the execution and completion of the Permanent Works. 
Works All Permanent Works and Temporary Works to be executed in accordance with the Contract.