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Documentary Requirements For Certain Types of Contracts

Garbage Collection and Disposal Contract

1. Copy of the approved/proposed contract to include the following:

a. Inclusive dates of effectivity
b. Description and number of units of dump trucks to be utilized
c. Description, age, condition, and number of units of all other equipment to be rented.
d. The terms and conditions whether operated or base rental for heavy equipment
e. The number of paleros, if any
f. The area of operation
g. The designated dump site
h. Indicate whether per trip basis or package deal
i. The contract amount

2. The detailed breakdown of the contract amount showing in sufficient detail its derivation as prepared by management.

3. The measurement in kilometers of the distance covered by one (1) complete route including the following:

a) Environment Sanitation Center (ESC) to area of collection and vice-versa
b) Total distance of the collection area covered
c) ESC to designated dump site and vice-versa

4. Copy of current canvass parts, machine shop costs, and other maintenance parts used in the detailed breakdown of the contract amount.

5. Estimated volume in cubic meters of garbage (state basis) to be hauled from area of operation

6. In cases where the type of contract differs from the usual per trip contract basis, sufficient justification/cost benefit analysis showing the advantages of the proposed type of contract against the basic per trip type of contract.

Ref: Annex K, COA Memorandum No. 91-704, 2/27/91